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We have one 14.5" F/7 (FL=101") Supremax mirror owned by Peter Read of SDM Telescopes in Australia. Peter has decided to not build a personal scope as planned for the mirror, but he did put it in a test bed telescope under the sky and observe with it and had the following comments:

"I love the views through that mirror - refractor like performance!

…it will be the standard against which I judge all other mirrors.....I'll use it as a reference scope when testing other scopes."

The mirror is at ZOC presently and has been thoroughly re-evaluated to assure its in superb condition. -Ready for immediate shipment.

Mirror price $2,850.00

Price includes new Zambuto IAD coating, center spot of your choice, packaging and handling. Shipping is additional at cost.

"Why Zambuto" The Seven Criteria In Stock Yahoo Group