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The Zambuto mirror is the highest performance mirror money can buy, in that it is not outperformed by any similar product. The way we do it is we accomplish a set of seven criteria which each mirror must satisfy before we will ship. And in this criteria, what resides is a standard to which we bring every mirror, whereby any further (technical) improvements produce negligible results.


There is indeed a "secret" to what we do, and the reason we call it a secret is because the full spectrum of the true nature of what creates optical performance is not thoroughly understood throughout the amateur industry. One reason is, folks naturally want something they can “hang on to”, and numbers provide this. The problem is, numbers as we see them marketed don't necessarily tell the entire story. Yes, it would be nice to have one or more numbers describe a product, and be able to compare that with the numbers supplied for similar products. As we are going to see in this study, there is more to this than what first appears. In fact, there are a number of criteria that few are talking about.


We are now for the first time going to disclose, all in one place, our full criteria for finished mirrors. Assuming the substrate (glass) is capable of holding an optical figure that satisfies any performance claims that are to be made, following are those seven criteria. (Scroll to bottom of page for links to a study of each individual criterion).


We don't do anything else, because there is nothing else that is important to performance. If you have a mirror that satisfies the above criteria, you will not be outperformed by any product money can buy. What test method someone uses is not as important. All accepted test methods can do the job, given top level commitment to craftsmanship. Neither is it as important what kind of numbers someone guarantees, because if the above is true, it will not matter.

For those who are interested in how and why this is accomplished, we now launch into a short study of the above criteria, which is geared toward the lay-person (non-optician).

A Study of the Seven Criteria


Below are links to seven pages (in progress), each containing a treatment of the criteria. The links for each will become available as we complete each page.

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