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Zambuto Coating Services

For the last eight years Zambuto Optical Company has been developing our coating product and process. We have a 32" chamber with hardware for 28" aperture capacity, and have developed our shadow-free coating to be very high contrast. We use e-beam deposition (electron beam depositor) and ion source assist while depositing the overcoat. Our coating and service is consistent with Zambuto caliber and will not be visibly outperformed.

Folks, we need to suspend our coating services for awhile. Our lead time has gone out too far, at 18 months. Our normal protocol is to service Zambuto mirrors that need to be recoated. We will suspend the service for the time being while we work to get our backlog handled. We hope to resume servicing Zambuto mirrors that need a recoat by October-November of this year (2021). Meanwhile if you need service right away please contact us for recommendations.


Above- 25" diameter Zambuto mirror in chamber, just coated. Below, 24" diameter mirror preliminary inspection.


Coating prices for primary and secondary mirrors

(be certain to see the prep fees below as well)

Plan on 30 days typical for total turnaround including a one-week watch period following the coating process.

We will update the turnaround time here as needed.

Coating price includes center spot of customer’s choice from our in-stock selection, installed.

Primary mirror coating price:

up through 11" $200.00

12.5” $250.00

13.1” $275.00

14.5" $ 350.00

15"    $375.00

16.0" $ 400.00

17.5" $ 500.00

18.0" $ 500.00

20.0" $ 600.00

22.0" $ 750.00

24.0" $ 950.00

25.0” $1,050.00

Secondary mirror up through 2.60" minor axis $ 45.00

3.10" minor axis $ 55.00

3.50" minor axis $ 65.00

4.00" minor axis $ 80.00

4.50" minor axis $ 110.00

5.00" minor axis $ 150.00

6.00" minor axis $ 180.00

Coating removal and preparation (for recoat) includes a seven-step SAFE process that prepares the glass surface for total adhesion of a new coating:

coating removal secondary mirrors $25.00

coating removal and safe preparation of primary mirror surface and bevel touch up when needed up through 12.5” $75.00

up through 16” $100.00

17.5” through 25” $125.00


Our optical coating for visual and photographic telescopes will not be outperformed regardless of theoretical numbers used in the marketplace. Our coating is very high contrast.

Our service is comprehensive. We inspect every related aspect of the polished surface at each step of the process. We evaluate the glass to see if its been damaged by a third party coater. We do this by conducting a qualitative evaluation of the optical surface and the polished surface. If we find any problem we immediately alert our customer and advise as needed.

When preparing to send the mirror its best to wash it first. Soap and water is preferred, then rinse and dry with a soft cotton cloth. Acetone and isopropyl alcohol are also okay if necessary. Do NOT use any petroleum-based solvents on the mirror. This includes mineral spirits or turpentine. These will lodge in the cracks and pits in the bevel and can cause the new coating to fail along the perimeter.

Please be certain to remove everything attached to the mirror(s) such as mirror cells, dew heaters, holders, velcro, and etc. The only exception might be Teleport mirrors with the triangles double-stick taped to the back. Please don’t send secondary mirror holders.

Contact Carl at for further information including shipping if needed.