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We had a 24" diameter quartz blank that was damaged at the edge in shipping to us and were given a very attractive price on it. We've now machine-turned this blank to 22 inch diameter for a pristine new quartz mirror.

Current pricing on a 22" F/4 quartz is calculated at $12,405.00

We're offering this mirror at 28% dicount, ($3,505.00 off normal) for a one-time special price of


That's for a brand new, 22" F/4 or longer quartz Zambuto mirror with Zambuto coating. See photo of the new 22" blank below.


Diameter 22.03 inch

Edge thickness 43.9 mm prior to curve/grind, can finish as thin as 38 mm

This mirror will be custom made to order at F/4 or longer for the above price.

Current lead time for this mirror is standard at 10-12 months. A 50% deposit places your order. Please contact Carl at stedystate@aol.com if you have interest.

"Why Zambuto" The Seven Criteria