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10" F/5 fused silica at website price.

We have a miscellaneous fused silica piece from the Christmas sale of 2019 that required special work. This glass needed to be waterjet from a larger blank that already had a curve, and that was done successfully.

The edge thicknes is 17 millimeters, which is a slightly stronger aspect ratio than the 12.5" mirrors are at 20 mm. This mirror is currently being parabolized (photo below) and will finish this week (March 30). It will immediatly be coated and ready to ship one week later.

We are offering this mirror for the website price of $1,720.00, once again with no added charge for the fused silica (quartz). This special will include shipping to the lower 48 states at this price.

Contact Carl at stedystate@aol.com to inquire


Yes, its raining outside. This is Washington State, after all.

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